China tries to solve growing opium problem

Is China the birth place of modern drug control legislation. Try to imagine the pain of a child addict who, once addicted to cheap heroin, would have to suddenly earn much more money for its fix.

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I have no knowledge, other than that things are rarely 'black and white', and that people everywhere are pretty much the same - greedy, powerhungry bastards. What would you think of that. Using this logic, there's no reason to label the Nazis as invaders when they attacked Poland, because over the hundred years of its history Poland fought other countries.

China, however, was unmoved. Neighbourhoods were mobilised in a massive educational programme. Google Books has the cited source, but only in "snippet view", which tantalizingly shows, "The 'Opium War' can be said to have started on 18 Marchthe day when", but it ends there.

Hope I didnt get the timeline completely botched up: Opium is a poison, undermining our good customs and morality. The University of North Carolina Press. The inability of Qing China to face the British ships which arrived in was due to a wide variety of issues facing the Qing at the time.

History of opium in China

Du responded by recruiting thousands from Shanghai's underworld. First listed as a taxable commodity inopium remained legal until the end of Ming dynasty, Why did they restrict it.

Other Western countries also joined in the trade, including the United Stateswhich dealt in Turkish as well as Indian opium. Appointing official Lin Zexu to the region in with the mission of eradicating opium imports from foreigners, Canton merchants were pressured later that year and forced to release over 20, chests of the drug - which were publicly destroyed by Lin in a proud moment of retribution for Qing officials.

Could be a very interesting article. This article will be cleaned up to truly reflect the nature of the relationships between the countries in this time period. Or maybe it's just the attitude one can form when your primary education hasn't been telling you every year it was the most wortest horrible evilest act committed by man that honor goes to the Nazis so we don't have to worry about anything else that happened.

We need to act professional and scholarly about this, step back and look at events with an objective, neutral attitude. I'm glad that it mentions the overall historical significance of the war - that's crucial to the average reader.

The balance of payments for the first time began to run against China and in favour of Britain. I'd also appreciate help on posting any or all of his journal to Wikisource. Who ever cited that Sherlock Holmes was an addict should remember he was a Fictional character, not a real person.

By this time, there were literally millions of addicts in the country. Bybullion was no longer exported to China at all in exchange for tea - the export of opium more than sufficed, and officials in Beijing became concerned largely with its economic impact on China rather than any impending health epidemic it might cause.

How China got rid of opium

Also, how many Chinese and British soldiers fought on each side. Scholars that have learned English as a second language are well served in remembering that that article should also be free of grammatical errors.

Up to this point western imperialist powers have been wary of the Qing Empire, but after this conflict, China begins to experience a series of disadvantageous economic pressures form Britain and other European empires. In private, one of them has told me that the rationale lies in Marx's view that the second war was a continuation of the first.

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Given that Opium was not illegal in Britain, and much of Europe - seen as a beneficial painkiller it is a sweeping statement that just retriatriates the usual views put forward by the prohibitionist missionaries of the 19th century, demonising opium to make it into a political tool.

That's why some of the Chinese merchants were the richest men in the world at the time, far wealthier than their European counterparts who had to compete against each other. Like an insult or refusal to comply with a "great" powers demands.

However, the section on the actual fighting of the war is not chronologically coherent, does not contain anywhere near enough information for a war that took more than two years to fight, had at least one sentence that began with a passive voice so that the actor is disguised, and omitted the role of technology and naval warfare in helping the British to victory.

Lin was given strict orders to rid the country of opium; he took this mission seriously, and the British found his obstinate rectitude most exasperating. The efforts of the Qing dynasty to enforce the opium restrictions resulted in two armed conflicts between China and the West, known as the Opium Warsboth of which China lost and which resulted in various measures that contributed to the decline of the Qing.

China took a stand against opium. They reported that legitimate agricultural crops were being grown in places where formerly there had been extensive poppy fields.

I'm afraid to continue reading through the comments if there are going to be more like that poster. He split this broad concept into three separate and more manageable subcategories.

Second he approaches the topic of imperialism from a nationalistic perspective. Analgesic use of opium was not the concern.

The rest, along with the Anglo-Saxons, melded into a society, a people, which could be called "the English", which was to later succumb to the Norman invasions. Would be interesting to know from where the British obtained the opium to trade to China.

Tempshill17 Mar (UTC). They established large plantations in their Indian possessions, making India the largest producer of Opium in the world. The history of opium in China began with the use of opium for medicinal purposes during the 7th century.

In the 17th century the practice of mixing opium with tobacco for smoking spread from Southeast Asia, creating a far greater demand. Opium growing areas of China, Sinceto solve financial crisis, CCP government in Shaan.

Opium smoking and addiction remained a problem in China during the subsequent decades, however, since the weakened central republican government could not wipe out the native cultivation of opium.

Opium smoking was finally eradicated by the Chinese communists after they came to power in Bythe People's Republic of China had virtually eliminated its drug problem. From time to time, the Taiwan press has accused the People's Republic of smuggling opium across the border of Yunnan province into Southeast Asia.

How did British trade with China trigger the Opium Wars? The Chinese government outlawed opium and called on Britain to stop this drug trade. The British refused and this led to the Opium War in What was China's worse nightmare during the late 18th and the 19th century?

The answer is opium. The rise of the British opium trade with China not only brought devastating and chaotic results for the Chinese government, but also for its citizens.

China tries to solve growing opium problem
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