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Table I Open in a separate window Overweight and obesity Conversely, overweight and obesity - another form of malnutrition with serious health consequences is increasing among other young people in India and other Low Middle Income Countries LMICs 8. What are the problems faced by farmers of kerala.

News channel Manorama said there were over 2 lakh people trapped in various areas of Kuttanad waiting to be rescued. Child marriage is an abuse of such union and is not permitted by law in India.

The region lies below the sea level. Youth is the window of opportunity that sets the stage for a healthy and productive adulthood and to reduce the likelihood of health problems in later years. In the Bhore Committee had recommended that there should be one doctor per every people.

But it is time to get over it, or the Prime Minister could find himself friendless and alone at a time when he needs friends in the media, not sycophants.

Juvenile Crimes in India In recent years India has seen manifold increase in crimes committed by minors. Described as one of the worst since by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, the rains in Kerala have left over dead and rendered thousands of people homeless.

There are other urgent reforms needed in political and administrative matters, and if the Prime Minister has not shown the courage to make them, it could be because he fears the hostility of the media.

World Population Awareness

Since then, for the first time in Indian history, major air pollutant concentrations have dropped in every 5-year period. Finance Minister Thomas Isaac, who is coordinating the rescue operations in Alappuzha district, himself is surprised by the extent of areas crippled by the flood.

There is undoubtedly a degree of hostility but part of the reason for it is the disdain with which Modi has treated the media. Rural poor had no choice, but to sustain life in whatever way possible.

According to the latest tally, 80, have been rescued so far. Impact of the Policies of Globalisation The policies of privatization and liberalization implemented from onwards by the central government had its impact all over India and in Kerala. This is especially true in troubled times, and the Nirav Modi saga could be the beginning of very troubled times.

He said that the majority of the stranded people can be rescued only by air.

Social Issues In India

PM Modi seems to believe that he does not need to meet the media regularly because he has succeeded in dragooning certain TV channels and newspapers into toeing his line, but this is so transparent as to be useless. In India, nearly 1,36, persons voluntarily ended their lives in a suicidal act as per official reports in About 1 lakh people have been evacuated so far with the help of over boats, according to local MP Kodikkunnil Suresh.

Upon independence from Britain, India adopted a constitution and numerous British-enacted laws, without any specific constitutional provision on protecting the environment. British India also enacted laws aimed at controlling air pollution. They are also being welcomed by those who seek to prevent water pollution, hygiene problems, and eliminate rotting trash that produces potent greenhouse gas methane.

Clean burning fuels and electricity are unavailable in rural parts and small towns of India because of poor rural highways and limited energy generation infrastructure. These problems can be solved only by building up resistance against the central government which follows the conditions imposed by the WTO.

Fuel wood, agri waste and biomass cake burning releases over million tonnes of combustion products into India's indoor and outdoor air every year.

Many countries with population density similar or higher than India enjoy environmental quality as well as human quality of life far superior than India.

Contamination: Kerala's New Problems

Massive geometric population growth in the 20th century did not result in a Malthusian catastrophe. However, the MP has doubts on whether the Navy alone can manage the situation.

Available evidence indicates that young people are prone to a number of health impacting conditions due to personal choices, environmental influences and lifestyle changes including both communicable and non-communicable disorders and injuries.

Youth - the critical phase of life, is a period of major physical, physiological, psychological, and behavioural changes with changing patterns of social interactions and relationships.

It is suggested that India's growing population is the primary cause of India's environmental degradation. I avoid eye contact. Distribution of old clothes and some ration is not the solution.

Peoples' Health Policy in Kerala The LDF government had promised to introduce a popular and democratic health policy to solve the health problem in Kerala. Touted as the future of agriculture to mitigate the effects of climate change on food production, the aquaponics method of integrating fish and plant cultivation is gaining ground in Kerala.

Peoples' Health Policy in Kerala The LDF government had promised to introduce a popular and democratic health policy to solve the health problem in Kerala.

Steps have been taken to carry forward the policy formulated by the Communist Government of for a sustainable peoples' health programme to a meaningful · This is to certify that the project thesis entitled Problems and Challenges Faced by Urban Women suffering from health related issues due to problems in the workplace Percentage distribution of perception of women of the most important problem faced by working women in  · In India shortage of medical personnel like doctors, a nurse etc.


is a basic problem in the health sector. Inwhile there were only doctors per 10, population in India, the same is 25 in the USA and 20 in  · Problems faced by youth in India - Education, unemployment and corruption are few of the major areas that Indian youth is concerned about.

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